Cafeteria - The yummy dishes are waiting for you but you are not alone here as Snakes and Ladders, Elephants and Horses are waiting for your company. Enjoy the delicious dishes with lots of table top games like Jenna, Uno, Ludo and many more.

Birthday Celebration - Teeny Town offers you to celebrate your days. You may plan a birthday party or the theme party in Teeny Town. Blow candles, have delicious cake, enjoy with family and friends.

Kitty Party - You may also plan a kitty party here. Leave your kids to enjoy them with their friends and you enjoy the company of your friends.

Security - Teeny Town is a safe and secured place with CCTV surveillance facility. The complete premise is monitored by multiple CCTV cameras which are placed in strategic locations across the zones for the safety and security of our visitors.

Air conditioner - Teeny Town is fully air conditioned facility for the kids’ and parents’ convenience.

Separate feeding room - Mothers with infants are provided with the separate feeding room facility in Teeny Town.

Art and skill - Along with fun and frolic activities your kid may learn art and craft, music, pottery, flower making and many more here.